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Personal Chef

Let Me Cook For You began with the traditional cooking of my Italian heritage. I learned the basic techniques in my mother's kitchen, but my love for food inspired me to create meals. I became adventurous in my own cooking endeavors, and to my delight, friends and family enjoyed what I created.


I decided to travel to the country that influenced the smells in my mother's kitchen, Italia. I had been to Italy twice before, but purely for pleasure and eating. This time, I was going there to learn. I traveled to Perugia and enrolled in a cooking class. This experience cemented my desire to continue along the culinary path. When I returned to Michigan, I set about co-partnering a catering business, Bella Cucina Catering, for several years. Besides operating a full-catering service, we baked desserts and pastries for local restaurants and specialty shops for the Metro Detroit Area.


Since then, I have completed the Culinary Business Academy's Personal Chef Training Program and am a member of the United States Personal Chef Association. My purpose is to give families time together without worrying about what's for dinner! Let Me Cook For You!

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